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About Us

Few of today’s brands can claim a history connected to the origins of the natural products industry! William Thompson founded the company in 1932 with a line of single vitamins. To ensure quality and purity, Thompson products were manufactured in-house at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Crenshaw, California. In keeping with Thompson’s philosophy that supplements should be as clean, pure and as natural as possible, the Thompson brand was one of the first to abandon the use of coal tar and synthetic dyes that were standard in the industry in the early years.

When William Thompson passed away, his son, Bill, managed the operations. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Bill Thompson was a tireless industry advocate, appearing before the U.S. Congress on multiple occasions to fight for legislation on behalf of the supplement industry. The company flourished under Bill Thompson’s direction and by the 1970s, the Thompson brand was an industry leader.

In 2000, Nutraceutical purchased the Thompson brand and positioned it as the premier value brand. For more than 80 years, shoppers have known and trusted the Thompson brand—one of the most established names in the natural products industry. The Thompson product line now includes around 200 products, from vitamins and minerals to herbs and specialty supplements. Each product is sold in quantities that provide a full 30-day supply at an average $7.99 retail price, making Thompson the ideal “try me” brand for the price-sensitive shopper. Thompson packaging features bright orange bottles and easy-to-understand labels. Proven, simple formulations and ingredients make Thompson an easy and convenient choice.

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